Column: Biden administration’s criminalization of political opposition

Democratic U.S. presidential candidate Rep. Tulsi Gabbard speaks during MLK Day in Columbia
Democratic U.S. presidential candidate Rep. Tulsi Gabbard speaks during Martin Luther King Jr. (MLK) Day in Columbia, South Carolina, U.S. January 20, 2020.

The nation owes a debt to former Congressional Representative Tulsi Gabbard, who as a Democrat and a woman evaded the massive power of Progressive media would-be censors and issued a much-needed warning about the growing authoritarianism of the Biden administration.

Appearing on Fox News, Gabbard, who ran in the Democratic Party’s 2020 Presidential Primaries, stated:

“…one of the most disturbing things that I see … is … how President Joe Biden has his attorney general targeting Americans as domestic terrorists for being, quote, unquote, ‘anti-authority.’” And what is so extremely dangerous about this … is that the president of the United States is the authority …And so, if our president is targeting Americans for being, quote, unquote, ‘anti-authority,’ what they’re really saying is you are an enemy of the state if you are against the president or his policies. This is the foundation of authoritarianism. And it’s — the message that is received by people at home is if you’re going to target me for being against your policies as the president, there will be consequences, and therefore what are people to do? Shut up, step back, and fall in line. And this — this is unacceptable in our democracy and must not go unchecked.”

Defying the authoritarian Progressive domination of the Democrat Party and its subservient media outlets has made Gabbard a vital voice in the national discussion about the overwhelming dangers of the Biden administration’s budding attempt to criminalize political opposition by labelling it as terrorism, while at the same time failing to respond to the very real dangers from the tyrannical leadership of China, Russia and Iran. Gabbard sharply criticized Biden’s inexplicable action of ending America’s Keystone XL pipeline, while at the same time endorsing Russia’s Nord Stream equivalent. Ending U.S. energy independence has done much more than simply cause massive domestic inflation. It has dramatically increased Moscow’s financial ability to fund its military and engage in aggression. Significant question must be raised about Biden’s reluctance to do more than merely discuss sanctions against Putin’s regime in response to the planned invasion of Ukraine. That same strategy utterly failed to deter the Kremlin’s takeover of Crimea during the Obama-Biden regime. Serious questions must be raised about whether the Biden family’s financial profiting from dealings with Chinese and Russian interests have influenced his policies. Unfortunately, a politicized Justice Department will not fairly investigate that probability. Biden is further protected by a supportive media which does its best to ignore that reality and label anyone who discusses it a conspiracy theorist.

Underlying much of the growing concern over the trend towards authoritarianism by the Biden administration, Speaker Pelosi and Sen. Schumer, is the push to end safeguards on elections.

America’s saving grace is the sanctity of the ballot box. No matter how much power an occupant of the White House has accumulated, the ability of the people to vote him out of office always serves as a powerful check. Now, that is being challenged by legislation that would allow unscrupulous politicians (without fear of exposure by the media or prosecution by the politicized Justice Department) to engage in tactics such as unverified mail-in ballots, same day registration, ballot harvesting, and prohibiting the checking of ID. Individual states who are repelled by these illicit practices would be prevented from taking action by measures which, in defiance of the Constitution, federalize election practices.

Biden, Pelosi and Schumer are seasoned politicians who fully realize how bad the polls are for them. The president’s dismal 39% approval rating and Congress’ even worse 21% approval rating clearly portend massive losses in upcoming elections. Rather than reform their disastrous policies and cease attempting to criminalize opposition, they have chosen instead to seek to enact measures which would end fair elections.

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