Columbus honors athletes at dinner

After another successful sports season at Columbus High School, administrators, teachers and coaches honored the best student athletes at its 18th Annual Sports Awards Dinner on Wednesday, May 28, at Maestro’s Caterers. 

Among those in attendance was coach Jason Renick, who led his boys soccer team to the playoffs after a strong season.

“This year, the boys soccer team made a name for themselves,” said Renick.  “With many returning players along with new members, the team came together quickly and we fought for the division title up until the last week of the season.  All the players worked hard and I was proud of their efforts.”

Surendra Bridglall’s girls’ tennis team also performed well, ending the season with a 9-1 record, losing to East New York Family Academy in the semifinals of the PSAL championship. 

“Reaching the final four was an amazing accomplishment,” said the coach, “and playing on the U.S. Open Championship courts made it even more special.”

The girls of coach Evelyn Ortiz’s varsity basketball team also surprised many this year, moving into the tougher A Division and advancing into the playoffs with a respectable 11-7 record. 

“It was an amazing way to begin out first year in a tougher division,” said the Columbus’ Coach of the Year.  “My starters Asia Wheeler, Shaunese Crawford, Daveta Anderson, Amma Bosompin and Francis Banks really pulled it through.”

Even more amazing was the performance by the Columbus boys’ lacrosse team, who in only their first year of competitive play, advanced to the quarterfinals of the PSAL playoffs after enjoying an 11-1 record. 

“To all of my veteran players, you should be very proud of your achievements this year,” Arroyo said to his team.  “You have not only made history in the Bronx, but most importantly, you have laid the foundation for others to follow.”

The principals of the five schools at Columbus were proud of all the teams’ efforts, telling student athletes in a joint statement, “Your participation in athletics have brought recognition to our school, to your families and to yourselves.”

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