Co-op City bus help on way

photo by Aracelis Batista

Co-op City residents could soon be taken for a ride – a better one.

Under a new Metropolitan Transportation Authority proposal, riders on the Bx23 bus line may soon be able to travel on the route through the entire development at all times, not just peak times.

On June 21, 2013, Community Board 10 asked the MTA to conduct an analysis of bus service for the sprawling housing development.

The MTA has now released a comprehensive study of Co-op City buses after interviewing 1,400 riders in September and October, and analyzing electronic bus monitoring systems.

“This means that commuters [could] utilize the Bx23 to connect all the parts of Co-op City, to points outside the development and the No. 6 IRT subway train,” read a CB 10 statement. “The board extends its gratitude to the MTA board and its executive team and staff for undertaking this study.”

The MTA’s “Co-op City Transportation and Bus Service Improvements” study was released on Friday, Jan. 17.

It stated that having the Bx23 bus run one uniform pattern during peak and off-peak times would reduce confusion among the riders, and provide circular service throughout the entire development.

Assemblyman Michael Benedetto also wrote his own letter urging the MTA to study the situation.

“I was quite pleased with the MTA on this, because they kept their word and did a real study,” said Benedetto, adding that the despite the initial cynicism after budget cuts in 2010, the agency worked with Co-op City leaders and gradually improved service since then.

“I will be eagerly awaiting implementation of this plan,” he said, adding “I think it will address a lot of the issues that people in Co-op City have.”

Gabriel Rosado, 19, who takes the bus every day, said as he waited at an Einstein Loop stop recently that the cuts diminished the quality of service, and that service was needed where buses go through all of the loops that make up the infrastructure in Co-op City.

In addition to improvements to the Bx23, the study also called for adding a new bus stop at Asch Loop and Adler Place, rerouting the Bx28 through Asch Loop, and adding a new limited stop on the Q50 bus route to Flushing, Queens.

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