Closure seems probable for New Beginning Animal Rescue

A non-profit animal shelter is in danger of closing.

New Beginning Animal Rescue, the only no-kill animal shelter in the Bronx located at 2515 Newbold Avenue, may have run its course.

The animal shelter, which has been in existence since 2011, has depended solely on donations in its five years. In order for the animal shelter to accept funding from the city, the shelter would have to convert to a kill shelter.

Because of the limitations as a no-kill animal shelter, New Beginning Animal Rescue has constantly struggled to pay its monthly expenses, which run about $10,000 per month and include rent, heat, air conditioning, a full-time staff and veterinary expenses.

According to New Beginning Animal Rescue’s volunteers, the shelter is slated to stay open for another two months.

This issue couldn’t have come at a worse time for New Beginning Animal Rescue.

Just a week ago, Mayor Bill de Blasio announced $10 million in capital funding for two new animal shelters – one in the Bronx and one in Queens – which marked the largest investment in the animal shelter system in over 20 years.

The shelters are expected to open in 2019 or 2020 and would have a 14,000 pet capacity.

Ten million dollars is set aside to fund the city’s kill shelters, but the Bronx’s only no-kill shelter will not see one penny.

“Keeping this animal shelter open has always been a struggle – but the situation is really severe now,” said Christina Abbatiello, a New Beginning Animal Rescue volunteer. “If this shelter closes, these pets will need to be placed elsewhere, and if they can’t be placed in no-kill shelters (which are overflowing), then they will have to be placed in a kill shelter and will be subject to being euthanized.”

“This is a non-profit organization that has saved and rehoused over 1,000 pets that would otherwise be without a home,” said Marlene Giga, another NBAR volunteer. “We will continue to fight for this animal shelter to stay open but we need the help and support of the community.”

“I want to thank all of our supporters for continuously sticking by us – because we can’t do this by ourselves,” Rosario said. “However, elected officials have continued to push for another kill shelter in the Bronx – so why don’t they want to support the only no-kill shelter in the Bronx?”

New Beginning Animal Rescue, along with its volunteers and supporters, will host a ‘Save Our Shelter’ march on Saturday, May 7, starting from Pelham Parkway South and Williamsbridge Road (1130 Pelham Parkway South) and ending at Westchester Square.

The animal shelter will also hold a fundraising event on Saturday, June 4 from 7 to 11 p.m. at 1456 Shore Drive. The fundraiser includes a $20 admission fee, along with a buffet dinner and a DJ.

New Beginning Animal Rescue also started another Go Fund Me page at, where over $5,000 of the $50,000 needed was raised in under a week.

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