Civic Center

Hello All!

Let’s begin today with thanks! Thank you Girl Scout Troops 1182, 1185, 1202 and 1209. These ladies, under the guidance of Lisa Hom, brought in food stuffs which were donated to St. Athanasius Church in Hunts Point. St. A’s was happy to get it and picked everything up for immediate use. Once again thank you.

Thank you to the members of Post 620 for the holiday celebration at the VA Nursing Home last Sunday. Shea Mac, Chip Hiney and Tom Doherty performed their usual three piece splendor on two guitars and a violin. The Transit Pipe and Drum were greeted warmly as they strutted their stuff. After the renditions they went through the halls and played for the folks that were bed-ridden. The vets in there loved them, all thirteen. Thanks to Post Commander, George Brins, George Amato, Carlo Perciabelli, Frank Randazzo all members for helping distribute items. Thank you to Gloria Castellano for tagging along, helping out and taking pictures.

Bob and Lindann Boyle were there, he as Santa Claus, she as his Elf delivering candy canes. A big thank you to Chip Hiney for donating many, many “T” shirts. A great time was had by all, especially us.

We at 620 boast two new members, Artemo Aponte and Anesdi Espada, both Marines. Welcome to our home fellas.

The Throgg’s Neck Memorial Post will be the chosen watering hole for the Bronx County American Legion Christmas Party on Sunday, December 13. Festivities begin at 2 p.m..

Our post Children’s Party, open to kids of our membership, ages nine and under, will be held on Saturday, December 12, from 2 to 5 p.m.

I’ll have some happenings of Bronx Legion Activities in the next column.

Right now, I have a sore point to get off my chest. Navy Petty Officers, Matthew McCabe, Jonathan Keefe and Julio Huertas were brought up on charges of assault, dereliction of duty and making false statements. All this because one of them punched Ahmad Hashim Abed in the mouth and gave him a split lip and fatness of same. Abed is one of the most notorious terrorists in Iraq. He engineered the brutal 2004 attack on four US civilian contractors, These four were murdered and their bodies mutilated, dragged through the streets and two were hung burning over the Euphrates Bridge. The arraignment of the four Navy Seals is scheduled for December 7.

I would ask the Secretary of the Navy to step in and put an end to this fiasco and let these troops go on with the business at hand. The liberal crowd believes the enemy should be treated as civilians. It’s just that these guys don’t wear uniforms. Watch the bad guys start suing. Remember 9-11!

Trivia Time!!

Jack Ruby shot Lee Harvey Oswald on November 24, 1963.

On November 26, 1783, the British evacuated NYC.

FDR declared gas rationing on November 26, 1942.

December 30, 1874, saw the birth of Winston Churchill.

Keep the troops in your prayers, hug a vet and God bless.

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