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Hello all!

Happenings around the Bronx County Legion: December 19, Unionport Post kids Christmas Party at noon. Adult party 7 p.m. January 5 is County meeting at the Hawkins Post in City Island at 7:30 p.m. January 13, at the same place, is the Past County Commander’s Meeting at 7 p.m. January 22 to 24 is the Mid Winter Conference at Albany. More to follow in next column.

I have a host of web sites too numerous to print here. It’s info on vet’s benefits and how to file/ask for them. Call me at the Post any Friday after noon at (718 8-822-8873.

Next week I’ll fill you in on our Children’s Christmas Party.

This is the season for all types of parties, both office and home.

The police are out in force so I remind you of safe driving. No DUI’s, DWI’s and no DWS that’s Driving while Stupid. This includes but is not limited to such activities as no seat belt, eating while driving, phones, texting, crocheting, needle point reading and applying make up. I was behind some ditz awhile back who was applying eye liner using the rear view mirror at 30MPH. She’d look great in the coffin.

I wish every one a very Merry Christmas and Happy Chanukah

Our adopted platoon will be home in January and I thank all who helped support us in the effort to make these troops more comfortable.

Trivia Time!!

December 1, 1955 saw Rosa Parks on the bus.

Napoleon became the Emperor of France December 2, 1804.

December 5, 1933, saw the repeal of Prohibition.

December 7, 1917, The US declared war on Austria-Hungary.

On the same date in 1941, The Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor.

December 11, 1941, Germany and Italy declared war on the US.

Keep the troops in your prayers, take a vet to lunch and God bless.

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