Civic Center

The Pelham Bay Taxpayers & Civic Association would like to thank our merchants who donated towards our Christmas lights giving our community a lighted ceremony for our Christmas Holiday. Please remember to personally thank our merchants when we shop in their stores.

Our next meeting will be in March. Dues of $10 include the Bronx Times Reporter mailed to your home with news that affect our immediate community. You can mail your dues to Pelham Bay Taxpayers & Civic Association, P.O. Box 31, Pilgrim Station, Bronx, N.Y. 10461.

The magic of Christmas 2009 is history but the magic of Christmas 2009 and all of our past Christmases will linger in our memories forever. Memories celebrating Christmas with grandparents, parents, aunts, uncles, cousins, many no longer here. Wonderful memories of families all flying from coast to coast, driving miles and miles from north and south, to celebrate Christmas together with family.

The teenagers attending Midnight Mass while moms got gifts ready for the little ones to open from Santa The joy, laughter and happiness as furniture was moved to accommodate everyone at the huge table to enjoy the guarded recipes handed down from one generation after another. The nativity scene under the real Christmas tree, bulbs hanging again that had been carefully packed away to be displayed every Christmas over and over again. The funny stories repeated again and again that we all heard, but laughed again. The magic of Christmas being re-lived again with the old and new generations together.

We, in the northeast Bronx are a cluster of small communities joined together creating the spirit of Christmas. Windows lit up with colorful blinking lights, organizations sponsoring tree- lighting events with Santa Claus giving youngsters presents, young and not so young walking through our streets singing Christmas carols, merchants donating to the beautiful lights shining brightly in our communities. Altars in our churches with the replica of Mother Mary, St. Joseph and baby Jesus in the stable, Christmas brings all of us together as we kneel and bow our heads in prayer for peace and good will to all.

There are those who have tried to erase Christmas and failed. They are gone and forgotten, but the world of families continues to come together to celebrate the birthday of Jesus. We are thankful that another of Satan’s demons failed in his attempt to destroy Christmas by blowing up a plane with families flying to be together with their families. We are all thankful that everyone on that plane survived and the hero’s that fought and squashed the demon’s attempt to bring sorrow to families at Christmas. The hero’s succeeded in bringing everyone home to enjoy another Christmas with their families.

The Pelham Bay Taxpayers & Civic Association wish you all good health, peace, joy and laughter in 2010.

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