Called to the challenge

Zaida Batista on the wheel barrow chariot run, as she participates in the Belin Fitness Challenge to work towards a healthier lifestyle. Photo by Victor Chu

Are you willing to work hard, have fun and take the challenge?

Beginning in August of 2008, Belin Fitness & Sport began offering a fun and exciting way to get in shape and shed some unwanted inches.

Again this summer, BSF will bring an exciting fitness camp to Bronxites. On Monday, August 3, participants were given the attention of a personal trainer in a group dynamic, allowing the staff to incorporate fun activities, such as kickball and dodgeball, into the routine.

“You are getting the motivational and inspiration drive from the other woman at the camp,” said Todd Belin, program director.

Women can rest easy about feeling self conscious since the classes consist of only females, decreasing the pressures of many of today’s seemingly hip gyms.

“As far as the program goes we are trying to focus on community health enhancement,” said Belin. “We want to create a lifestyle program so they can be a living example. After the program we call up former participants to see how life is going after the challenge.”

Like with any professional trainer, the Belin Fitness Challenge begins with a fitness assessment, body fat measurements, water analysis and hip, waste and bust measurements.

The classes are suitable for anyone, with National Academy of Sports and Medicine certified trainers able to identify movement deficiencies and fitness abilities to individualize each participants experience to what works best for them.

The individuated program sets goals for each person to accomplish by the end of the 4-week session.

“We found that giving them goals with a timeframe provides a sense of achievement because they can see the results in a matter of a week or two,” said Belin.

The camp offers 3 packages; 3 days a week for $143.46, 4 days a week for $191 or 5 days a week for $239. Participants can choose from Weekdays at 5:30 a.m. or 6:30 p.m. and on Saturdays at 8:30 a.m.

The group consists of 8 to 28 participants per class, meeting outdoors at Williamsbridge Oval Park.

For more information visit or call (917) 476-9352.

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