Brookings Report highly ranks SUNY Maritime, Manhattan College nationally

Two Bronx institutions of higher education are tops in the nation in terms of providing affordable tuition costs and comfortable salaries.

The recently updated Brookings Report, an analysis conducted by the Brookings Institution that measures a college’s graduates earned income, the occupations in which they work and loan employment rates, ranked both SUNY Maritime and Manhattan College among the top institutions in the nation.

The report also recognizes colleges and universities that provide the highest value-added in mid-career earnings.

This particular study showed that SUNY Maritime graduates earn more than graduates at Ivy League schools such as Harvard and Yale.

It also found that SUNY Maritime graduates earned over $121,000 per year as mid-career salary, or ten years after graduating, on average.

With a comfortable starting career salary of just under $60,000 on average according to Pay Scale, Maritime graduates only have to work about two years to earn their tuition money back.

Because of these statistics, Maritime was ranked as the top public college in the nation in graduate earnings and for providing the highest-value-added in mid-career earnings – at 42% value-added. In the report, Maritime was ranked in the top 20 overall.

“We offer tuition at a great price and 100% of our graduates not only find employment – they find employment in their field of study,” said Terrence Kelly, director of communications at SUNY Maritime. “We are very pleased and proud that third parties like the Brookings Institution see value in our education program.”

Meanwhile, the study predicted that graduates of Manhattan College, another Bronx-based school, earn an average annual salary of just over $70,000, whereas the actual average salary for Manhattan graduates is over $110,000 – accounting for a 42% salary boost.

Manhattan received a score of 99 out of 100 in value-added with respect to mid-career earnings, while also scoring 98 in value added with respect to occupation earnings power of a typical graduate.

As a result, the report ranked Manhattan College in the top ten, just ahead of Stanford, also noting that many graduates are placed into top international and Fortune 500 companies like IBM, Google, JP Morgan and Wells Fargo, landing jobs alongside Ivy Leaguers – where they earn, on average, just over $55,000 for a starting and about $110,000 for a mid career salary, meaning that they have to work about four years to earn back tuition.

Ivy League schools in New York such as Columbia and Cornell are both more expensive in tuition and lead to a less rewarding income. On average, Ivy League graduates will have to work at least one more year than Maritime and Manhattan graduates to earn back their four-year tuition

“Our graduates are very successful in both a professional and a personal sense, which both go hand in hand,” said Bill Clyde, executive vice president and provost at Manhattan College. “The Brookings Report applied a new methodology how students develop, grow and learn – basically measuring their college experience. Our institution strongly prioritizes community engagement and service to others – because we understand that great personal growth leads to relationships and eventually expanded career choices.”

By reading this report, it is clear that the Bronx possesses two hidden gems of higher education.

“We have always been known as ‘the borough of universities’, and you can get a top-flight education here in the Bronx,” said Borough President Ruben Diaz, Jr. “While it’s not as simple as attending one of our university to save money and make a great salary, the fact still remains that the Bronx is producing quality talent that can compete in the job market with graduates from any high-end higher learning institute in the county, regardless of one’s major.”

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