Bronx Zoo Chooses Best WCS Halloween Photos

Bronx Zoo Chooses Best WCS Halloween Photos|Bronx Zoo Chooses Best WCS Halloween Photos
Photographed in Madidi National Park, this white-throated round-eared bat from Bolivia is beautifully gruesome.
Photo by Mileniusz Spanowicz/WCS

Wildlife Conservation Society’s Global Conservation Programs, working in nearly 60 countries, sent the Bronx Zoo their wildlife Halloween pictures on Thursday, October 29. The Bronx Zoo chose five of their favorite images which include ‘‘Bobbing for Bass’, a black caiman dining on some bass and a close up shot of a white-throated round-eared Bolivian bat and ‘Hawk Does Dracula’ of a hawk eagle doing its best Bella Lugosi impression.

Forget bobbing for apples, this black caiman found bobbing for bass far more enjoyable this Halloween at Reserva Biologiaca do Abufari in Brazil.
Photo courtesy of WCS Brazil

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