Bronx video game designer launches VR boxing game

Bronx video game designer launches VR boxing game|Bronx video game designer launches VR boxing game
Boxing Apocalypse places you in the cybernetically-enhanced boxing gloves of a deadly assassin forced to fight for your survival and freedom in an alien controlled space prison.
Photo courtesy of Gotham City Films, LLC

Do you have what it takes to survive the Boxing Apocalypse?

‘Boxing Apocalypse’ is an action-packed virtual reality combat video game created and designed by Pelham Bay native Mario Simone which incorporates a fully immersive, intuitive fighting system.

Wearing an Oculus Rift, HTC Vive or PlayStation VR headset, players take on the role of a captive assassin serving time inside a floating prison deep in outer space.

When aliens invade the prison, they begin experimenting on the inmates and altering their bodies into alien weaponry for a planned war on humanity.

As part of the testing, the assassins battle each other to the death in a gladiatorial pit as aliens eagerly watch from the sidelines.

Players must master their pugilistic skills to rise among the ranks and earn their freedom.

Boxing Apocalypse’s intricate point-based combat system utilizes power punches, finishing moves, interchangeable weapons, an energy shield for block/counter combos, a customizable armor system and a challenge board to increase ranks among prisoners.

Your sole chance of survival and preventing the war is to battle through five levels of the alien horde in order to dethrone their leader and conquer the prison.

Developed and published by LA-based Gotham City Films LLC, Boxing Apocalypse is the first VR game to establish a seamless Player versus Player mode where you can battle other players online using this innovative, fast-paced combat system.

The game mode records the player’s win/loss ratio which adds to his or her ranking inside the prison fight clubs.

When players level up their character, they can unlock additional weapons and specialty armor from completing 21 challenges in campaign and PvP modes.

Well-known for his ‘Heroes Haven’ graphic novel series, Simone, GCF owner, has always dreamed of creating video games since he was a kid.

“Creating and designing the worlds and gameplay especially in VR is so fun because you have to viscerally make a world that the audience will live in and play in as opposed to just watch like a movie,” he explained.

According to Simone, VR gaming is a completely different landscape compared with standard gaming as it presents challenges with movement, information processing and creating worlds that translate well to the gamer inside them.

Despite these challenges, Simone remains determined in delivering an exhilarating gaming experience.

GCF officially launched its gaming division in August 2017 and started work on Boxing Apocalypse.

Boxing Apocalypse is rated T for Teen and costs $19.99.

It’s available on PlaySation VR, Oculus Rift, Steam and HTC Vive.

The game will be released worldwide on Tuesday, December 11.

Following its release, Simone will work on advancing Boxing Apocalypse’s factions and armory and creating more challenging monsters and levels for players to test their skills. Simone confirmed GCF is developing a Heroes Haven VR game in which the gamer is pulled into the story and teams up with the main heroes to save the world.

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Pelham Bay native Mario Simone is the creative mind behind the innovative VR video game.
Photo courtesy of Gotham City Films, LLC

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