Bronx Plastic Surgery preps patients for summer

Goldstein (l) and Erhard have each headed Bronx Plastic Surgery for more than two decades.
Photo courtesy of Bronx Plastic Surgery

A local medical practice lifts the confidence of Bronxites.

The practice, Bronx Plastic Surgery, which has provided the Bronx with advance services in cosmetic, plastic and reconstructive surgery for more than 25 years, is offering residents an opportunity to further enhance their outer appearance at a reasonable price, just in time for the summer.

Bronx Plastic Surgery, located at 2425 Eastchester Road, headed by Robert D. Goldstein M.D., F.A.C.S. and Heather A. Erhard M.D., F.A.C.S., both of whom are board-certified plastic surgeons, is devoted to their practice of plastic and reconstructive surgery.

For the next two months, Bronx Plastic Surgery is offering breast augmentation (implants) for only $5,800 and tummy tucks for approximately $6,000. Pricing includes anesthesia as well as a facility fee.

BPS is also providing patients with Botox treatments for $10 per unit, along with Dermal Fillers.

The timing is perfect for those who are looking to enhance and restore their natural beauty, as patients who undergo these procedures will be fully recovered and ready for the summer by the time beach season comes around.

Other body, face and breast procedures are also available to patients who are interested in enhancing their appearance. The practice also offers treatment for patients suffering with skin cancer.

“Our practice is all about making our patients feel good about their appearance and comfortable in their own skin – with the correct treatment,” said Erhard, who specializes in breast reconstructive surgery. “It’s a great feeling to serve the borough where I have lived for so long.”

“Each patient we provide service to will need a different treatment – and it is up to us to decide what treatment is most appropriate for them,” said Goldstein, who has been in practice for over 30 years. “Looking back on our history, it has been an honor to have so many people from the Bronx instilling their trust in our practice as long as they have.”

According to Erhard and Goldstein, the business has always put emphasis on providing customers with a positive experience through personalized care, making sure each customer’s procedure is as comfortable and pleasant as possible.

Additionally, both doctors stay current regarding the latest standards and surgical techniques to provide the best possible service to their patients.

Before any procedure is agreed upon, Bronx Plastic Surgery reviews each patient’s medical history, current health, as well as the patient’s expectations and motivation for the procedure.

To schedule an appointment at Bronx Plastic Surgery, call (718) 405-7500 or visit

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