Boiano Dental brings future practice to the Bronx

Dr. Boiano stands in front of the CEREC inLab MC XL milling machine that crafts dental restorations.
Community News Group / Robert Wirsing

The newest innovation in dental technology will give everyone a reason to smile.

Boiano Dental located at 3651 E. Tremont Avenue is ushering in the future of dentistry by utilizing a highly accurate Computer-Aided Designed/Computer-Aided Manufacturing technology to create perfectly fitting dental caps made from sturdy materials such as lithium disilicate, zirconia and porcelain.

Dr. Giovanni Boiano, DDS, FAGD, FICOI, and George Santini, CDT dental technician with over 30 years experience work in conjunction to design these dental restorations which are considered to be a vast improvement over traditional dental restorations.

According to Dr. Boiano and Santini, CAD/CAM technology scans a patient’s mouth using a handheld CEREC Omnicam which takes a 3D image of a patient’s jaw and saves it as a personalized computer file.

“We use a high speed optical camera accurate to within five microns and we can provide a patient with this restoration in the same day they visit,” said Dr. Boiano.

“This is especially great for elderly patients who may have a difficult time coming in for appointments and cuts down on a number of visits they would have to make before for a fitting.”

Dr. Boiano explained that CEREC CAD/CAM technology allows dentists to provide their patients with inlays, onlays, crowns and veneers in only one appointment

The file is then sent to Santini’s computer located in the office’s basement and the technician proceeds to design the dental restoration from start to finish while making sure the restoration will fit the patient’s existing dental anatomy.

Santini and Dr. Boiano explained that adjustments to these restorations are made using the CEREC inLab program and are saved in real time.

Once a design is finalized, it is milled inside of their CEREC inLab MC XL milling unit which creates the restoration from a solid block of either lithium disilicate, zirconia or porcelain.

“A huge plus with this technology is that as opposed to the old restorations of porcelain fused metal, these restorations are completely metal free and are created using lithium disilicate, zirconia or porcelain,” said Santini. “These crowns we make using CAD/CAM are as strong as steel and they’re just as durable.”

This innovative program can allow dentists to create veneers, crowns and bridges simultaneously from these materials which are then taken by Santini to be polished and glossed by hand for five to eight minutes.

The restoration process can take anywhere from eight to 20 minutes depending on what type of dental restoration is be crafted.

A single tooth takes about eight minutes to be milled in the machine, while a bridge may take about 20 minutes, Dr. Boiano explained.

He added that his office is the one of the few in the borough to adopt this new technology due to its complexity and cost, explaining that less than 5% of dentists in the United States utilize CAD/CAM.

For more information and to schedule an appointmen, contact Boiano Dental at (718) 597-6500.

Dr. Boiano designs two front teeth using CAD/CAM technology.
Community News Group / Robert Wirsing

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