Bronx Neighbors: Marie Angelico

Bronx Neighbors: Marie Angelico
Marie Angelico

Marie Angelico has spent a good portion of her life helping New Yorkers achieve their goals.

Now she is finally being rewarded for her many good deeds.

The 81-year-old Morris Park resident recently received an “Everyday Hero” award for her outstanding community service work with Literacy Partners, a not-for-profit accredited adult education program.

The award was presented by the Community Service Society of New York’s Retired and Senior Volunteer Program.

“Winning this award was really amazing for me,” Angelico said. “It makes me feel that I am a person that has something to give.”

Angelico assists the organization by taking the calls of prospective students, informing them of the intake procedure and offering them, unprompted, all the information they need to know.

Even before her work with Literacy Partners, Angelico had a long history of community service.

During her 25-year career as a customer service representative for Citibank, she volunteered at many organizations, including Albert Einstein Hospital and a nursing home in the Bronx.

Angelico grew up in Manhattan but moved to the Bronx when she was 18 years old.

On top of juggling a career and volunteering in her free time, she was a loving wife to her late husband Rosario and mother of two children, Joanne and Donna.

After retiring in 1995, Angelico found retirement was not for her, so she went to work for the law firm of Fred Mehl, where she spent the next 14 years.

“I am a person that always has to work,” she said. “I am a workaholic, I’ve been working since I was 16. I’m sure it helps my brain and body to keep busy.”

She recently went back to school to complete a psychology course for seniors at Fordham University.

“I never wanted to retire fully, and so volunteering in the local community has been an important part of my life. I thoroughly enjoy every moment of it, from giving back to others to the social aspect it offers. I am very pleased to be able to help New Yorkers achieve their educational goals, whether it be a grandfather wanting to read to his grandchild, or a young mother hoping to get a better job.”

Bio Bits

Favorite place in the Bronx? “Where I live, Morris Park” and The New York Botanical Gardens.

Favorite Movie? Ingrid Bergman and Cary Grant’s movie – Notorious (1946) “It’s a love story and of course I love Cary Grant.”

Favorite Bronx restaurant? F&J Pine

Person you admire? Rev. Marion Gambardella- minister at a spiritual group she belongs to called Unity “I admire her because of the work that she does. She teaches you how to be positive and believe that good things are coming to you.”

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