Amalgamated Bank welcomes an ols friend

Amalgamated Bank welcomes an ols friend
Photo courtesy of Amalgamated Bank

A long-time banker from the Bronx has paid her dues and seen her career journey come full circle – in more ways than one.

Country Club resident Lynn DiAgostino, who has worked at various Amalgamated Bank locations in the city, has worked her way up in the ranks to become a vice president and branch manager of the bank’s Tremont Branch, exactly where her journey started over 20 years ago as a teller.

Lynn’s career with Amalgamated Bank began in Throggs Neck in 1992, where she worked customer service and as a teller on 3770 E. Tremont Avenue. She eventually worked her way up to head teller before she was transferred to corporate headquarters in Manhattan.

Once she was transferred in 2005, DiAgostino worked as a junior bank officer, where she ran the teller unit.

The following year, Lynn was promoted to assistant branch manager. The very next year, she was promoted to branch manager with a highly acclaimed corporate title of vice president.

After five years of working at corporate headquarters, DiAgostino was transferred back to the Bronx to a newly opened Amalgamated Bank branch in Pelham Parkway on 2178 White Plains Road in 2010, which put her in the driver’s seat to develop the branch and make it successful.

After another tenure, Lynn was on the move yet again – this time being transferred to the branch in Co-op City on 2067 Bartow Avenue in March of 2012, after having a positive influence on her last branch.

In August 2014, just over two years after being transferred to the Co-op City branch, Lynn received a call from senior management.

When Lynn received the call informing her of her promotion, she heard only one thing -– welcome home.

“I am extremely happy to be back where my journey started,” said Lynn. “Being part of this community is wonderful and working in it is even more rewarding.”

Founded in 1923, Amalgamated Bank now has 24 retail branches nationwide – with 20 of those branches located in New York City and has committed to affordable and accessible banking for all. As a resident of the Bronx who is back in her neighborhood after nine years, Lynn doesn’t see any way that this trend can’t continue.

“I am extremely excited to be my neighborhood’s premier trusted banker,” she said. “I look forward to rekindling old relationships, developing new ones and presenting Amalgamated Bank to potential customers as becoming their bank of choice.”

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