Bronx man arrested for creating fake SS numbers

A Bronx man has been arrested for creating fake social security numbers and using them to file false claims for state tax refund checks.

Alcides Negron, 39, of 1512-14 Townsend Avenue, used the phony social security numbers to file more than 100 fake tax refunds that claimed New York City school tax and New York State property tax credits.

A Bronx check casher became suspicious when Negron tried to cash multiple New York State tax refund checks. The teller notified the New York City Police Department, which in turn called in state tax agents and agents from the Social Security Administration Inspector General’s Office.

It was determined that Negron submitted false refund claims in his own name or the name of a friend, using many social security numbers, and often claimed four years of credits under a single social security number.

Alcides Negron, Townsend Avenue, phony social security numbers, fake tax refunds, arrested

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