Bronx ‘laughter’ premieres at the Whitestone

A film about the healing powes of laughter, with guest appearances from many well-known celebrities, as well as Bronx residents, premiered at the Whitestone Multiplex Cinema on Sunday, September 14.

Comic legend Pat Cooper was in attendance at the Bronx premiere of Just Laugh – The Movie, a film created by Throggs Neck-based Laugh Loud Productions. The fun-filled documentary explores the many positive benefits of simply laughing.

Director Anton Evangelista and producer John Galasso are the principal creative minds behind the project, which took three years to complete.

“We wanted to spread the word, right here in our backyard in the Bronx, that laughter can help in these stressful times,” Evangelista noted at the premiere, which included two showings of the feature film. “We are thrilled to have Pat Cooper here to celebrate this film.”

Hundreds of people attended the two-showings, which were held at 3 p.m. and 5 p.m. and included a best-joke contest with several prizes.

“I believe that the showing of the film was a great success,” Golasso noted. “Both shows were almost completely sold-out, so we must be doing something right.”

Just Laugh – The Movie’s message is that regardless of political, religious, or social boundaries, laughter is a universal language that everyone understands. The movie presents medical and anecdotal evidence supporting the idea that laughter can also promote overall good health and heal the body.

Some of the featured interviews in the documentary include Regis Philbin, Doris Roberts, Joel Osteen, and Danny Aiello, as well as medical professionals from Bronx hospitals and members of the Throggs Neck community.

“I have a philosophy: live everyday as if it were your last day, and one day you will be right,” said Fran Capo, author and Guinness Book of World Records holder of the Fastest Talking Woman record. “I was thrilled to appear in the film, and get that message across.”

Numerous people from all walks of life appeared in the film, including two youngsters from Throggs Neck.

“We did the can-can dance in the movie,” said 13-year-old Ryan McConville. “I think it is important sometimes to just laugh and have a good time, because otherwise you will end up stressed all of the time.”

McConville’s friend, 12-year-old Paul Papantoniou said he enjoyed seeing himself on the silver screen, especially since he has grown so much since the segment was filmed two years ago.

“I liked the message of the film,” Papantoniou noted. “If you are not happy, you are not going to be healthy. Negative things have a negative effect on your body, while positive things have a positive effect on the body.”

A screening for industry insiders will take place in Manhattan later in the month. For more information, call (347) 266-5432.

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