Bronx House after school program students are learning what having a ‘green thumb’ is all about

These Bronx students are taking eating healthy to a whole new level.

They’re growing their own organic vegetables.

Bronx House Community Center has pledged to create an environmental change in the Pelham Parkway South community.

It has received funding from the Isabelle Freedman Jewish Greening Fellowship to expand their community garden.

Every Friday, students from the Bronx House after-school program participate in a weekly gardening class.

“We hope to show that growing your own food is not difficult and relate growing food,” said Rachel Blalock, director of children and family services at Bronx House.

The goal is to teach students the basics of growing vegetables organically, as well as different organic gardening techniques, and to have them gain an appreciation for growing food, she said.

The garden is also to help raise awareness about the importance of organic food and to teach students to eat healthy and chose vegetables over other options.

“We hope to give people a deeper connection with their food and hope to start discussions about where food comes from and how it gets to us,” Blalock said.

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