Bronx Green Machine plants more than 5,000 plants

On May 15, The Bronx Green Machine and volunteers placed more than 5,000 plants in the ground at 4422 Grace Avenue.

This once deserted concrete jungle was a home for addicts and dumping. Now it is a thriving garden growing children and feeding those in need.

The Ritz family, Steve, wife Lizette, and their daughter, Michaela, along with over three dozen volunteers came out to plant collard greens, tomatoes, peppers, eggplant and other vegetables with plants to pollinate and plants like marigolds to keep away animals looking for a meal.

In the next 30 to 45 days, it will be time for the next set of volunteers to come out and help to harvest over 4,000 pounds of food, which will be distributed to the neediest Bronxites.

Many of these volunteers have been with the Ritz family for years.

Steve Ritz teaches and grows food in classrooms and his model has been replicated in over 6,000 schools. Thousands of children and their families across the country and around the world and eating healthier thanks to The Bronx Green Machine.

Visit  in order to learn more about this amazing organization and volunteer or donate.

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