Bronx Faces II Opening Reception

Bronx Faces II Opening Reception|Bronx Faces II Opening Reception|Bronx Faces II Opening Reception
Exhibited artist Annie Legnini (front, c) with her proud family.
Photo by Kasey Rodriguez

An opening reception was held in honor of ‘Bronx Faces II: A Solo Exhibition by Annie Legnini’ on Saturday, March 23 at the Belmont Library.

The Morris Park artist created this series by taking photo submissions from people all across the borough and transforming their portraits into lifelike mixed media masterpieces using everyday materials.

Pelham Gardens resident Edgar Santana admired his Bronx Faces portrait on display at Belmont Library.
Photo by Kasey Rodriguez

The exhibition documenting the Bronx experience through culture, race and class will be on display until Saturday, April 20.

Legnini’s best friend and Morris Park resident Courtney with her Bronx Faces portrait.
Photo by Kasey Rodriguez

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