Bronx Brewery adds seasonal, limited edition beers

Bronx Brewery adds seasonal, limited edition beers
The experimental ‘Yokozuna Wit’ craft beer on display in the Bronx Brewery’s tasting room.
Community News Group/ Alex Mitchell

If you thought that Szechuan was only a sauce from McDonalds, think again.

The Bronx Brewery and Baldor Specialty Foods have teamed up to create one of-a-kind seasonal, craft beers with ingredients you wouldn’t think to drink.

Ingredients range from Sumo Citrus, to Szechuan Buttons, to Fennel Pollen and many more fruits, vegetables and spices.

It’s all part of the brewery’s ‘B-Track’ beer series. Baldor provides exotic and seasonal ingredients for the brewery to experiment with in a way that’s yet to be done in the beer brewing world.

This is also the first time a food distributor has formally collaborated with a craft-brewing company.

The first beer brewed and canned was the ‘Yokozuna Wit,’ a Belgian-style Witbier named after the highest rank in sumo wrestling, playing off the authentic Sumo Citrus brewed in this beer.

The special ingredients in Szechuan Buttons, along with the Sumo Cirtus, give off a spicy, tingling sensation.

It’s been a slamming success in the brewery’s taste room.

Next in the rotation is the ‘Heavy Fennel.’ Planned for release prior to St. Patrick’s Day, this Irish stout gets its lucky charm from a blend of fennel pollen, notes of licorice, citrus and marshmallow which provides its unique, creamy ale.

Following that comes Don’t Kaffir The Reaper – a Gose-style beer made from Kaffir limes, which are known for being a smaller and drier citrus variety, and Pink Himalayan Sea Salt, which join together, giving this heavy brew an authentic sour and salty taste.

They’re expected in early April.

Last in the first rotation of the beers is My Berry Own IPA.

It’s a Northeast IPA made from a seasonal pick of renowned Harry’s Berries.

The sensationally juicy strawberries from California give off sweetness and a gentle red haze in this Northeast-style IPA.

It’s expected to be available on tap by the closing days of April.

This is just the beginning of these experimental beers.

The Bronx Brewery and Baldor anticipate 8 to 10 B-Track brews at the least.

Being that they only take about two to three weeks to brew, new styles and ingredients can be produced in a quick manner.

“As we expand our family of beers, we’re always on the lookout for new and unusual tastes to experiment with,” says Damian Brown, president of the Bronx Brewery. “We knew Baldor Specialty Foods would be an invaluable resource for rare and fresh flavors, but we were thrilled to find they also have passionate and culinary experts who can help us identify some great new tastes,” he added.

“Baldor Specialty Foods has always been about delivering the best ingredients to the most creative food and beverage minds out there,” said Benjamin Walker, senior director of Marketing and Development for Baldor Specialty Foods. “We’re excited to be collaborating with our south Bronx neighbors at the Bronx Brewery in helping them craft some unique new flavors that will feature the season’s most delicious bounty,” he added.

The Bronx Brewery prides themselves on producing what they call ‘no-nonsense ales’ – approachable, well-balanced, true-to-style beers with absolutely no gimmicks.

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