Boogie Down missing on DeBlasio team


So with Mayor-elect Bill de Blasio recently releasing that list of his 60-member transition team, we gotta ask:

So what’s the Bronx, chopped liver?

There’s basically no Bronx players on it other than Montefiore Med Center head Dr. Steven Safyer, unless you wanna count Peter Madonia, COO of the Rockefeller Foundation and owner of Madonia’s Bakery on Arthur Avenue.

We did some consulting with a few borough cognosenti, who came up with a potential short list of added players. Making the team: Bronx Overall Economic Development Corp. head Marlene Cintron, criminal lawyer Marvin Raskin, SOBRO head Phil Morrow, and since there are some education pros on the team but no Catholics, BdB could’ve scored a twofer with Fordham University Prexy Fr. Joseph McShane, S.J.

That’s okay, Bill, no need to thank us….


Ever since a fire knocked out the famous Gabila’s knish factory on Long Island, a lot of lost souls have been wandering around in the desert like Moses, missing their knish fix.

“Customers come in, they ask for a square knish,” said Yuval Dekel, owner of the famous Liebman’s Deli in Riverdale. “We have to go through the whole spiel – about a hundred times a day.”

But the mecca for pastrami sandwiches and other Jewish culinary delites on W. 235th St. and Johnson Avenue, offers its own baked (instead of Gabila’s fried) round variety with various fillings, at the same $3 price, said Yuval.

Now I’M hungry – “And a Dr. Brown’s Cel-Ray with that pastrami, please.”


We have it on good authority that, as one of our sources put it, “an investigatory agency” has been snooping around a certain Bronx elected’s office. And that’s all we’ll say for now, since it all looks preliminary and could just be smoke and no fire – yet. Stay tuned.


Don’t count on Fresh Direct’s move from Queens to the Bronx being a done deal.

It still faces problems on two fronts, the larger being incoming Mayor Blasio, who could very well put the kibosh on the whole deal. He’s already said he’s no fan of those big bux city subsidies to the fresh food home delivery service for its move. But we’re told that outgoing Mayuh Mike is expected to make a fast delivery on the deal before he bails from office Jan. 2.

On the more immediate front, Gavin Kearney, an attorney with the New York Lawyers for the Public Interest, said he’ll be back in court Thursday, Dec. 5 in front of the Appellate Division in Manhattan on behalf of South Bronx United, appealing a lower court decision dismissing their lawsuit mostly on technical grounds, as well as finding an old environtal study was still sufficient for the move to the Harlem River Yard. SBU’s big gripe is hundreds of Fresh Direct trucks fouling the air in the asthma-choked South Bronx.


Thirty and out. Veteran detective Kenny Willisch of the 4-8 Squad in E. Tremont laying his badge to rest on that velvet pillow at 1 Police Plaza retirement section. The best, pal.


Longtime respected Bronx gay activist and Democratic operative Lew Goldstein smacked us upside our head for leaving him out of the list of early Bronx supporters of Bill de Blasio while everyone else was gluing themselves to Bill Thompson.

“Although Carl [Dem Party Boss Carl Heastie] and I disagreed,” sayeth Lew, “he was understanding, magnanimous.”


BronxTalk cable TV host Gary Axelbank boasting over son Evan Axelbank just signed on as reporter at WTVT in Tampa, moving over and up from WPTV in West Palm Beach. Wonder when he’ll be hosting HIS own talk show?


Oops! We had a mind melt on that City Council Speaker’s Bronx forum Nov. 18, mixing up boroughs for Mark Weprin and Dan Garodnick in the column’s print edition. Mark’s from Queens and Dan’s a Manhattan guy. Not that there’s anything wrong with that….


Dec. 1 – Consultant Joe Ithier, former head of the Bronx Overall Economic Development Corp. under BP Freddie Ferrer.


A Chorus Line (1985)

Diana: “What’s to tell about the Bronx? It’s uptown and to the right.”

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