Body found in marina crate/Wrapped in plastic, horribly decomposed

Police recovered a body at Hammonds Cove Marina on Tuesday, September 20.
Community News Group / Robert Christie

The authorities recovered a dead body at Hammond Cove Marina on Tuesday, September 20 at approximately 12:14 p.m.

Officers arrived on the scene after they were contacted by staff at the marina.

According to the office of the NYC Medical Examiner, the ME was examining the body on Wednesday, September 21 and there was no identification of the body.

Justin Dambinskas, operations manager at Hammond Cove Marina, said the crate which held the body had been sitting under the boat at the marina.

The boat was on the marina property for several years as the boat owner prepared it for the sea.

He died a short time after he finished the work, and Dambinskas said the process of dividing the estate’s assets had been a lenghty one.

He said once the boat owner’s estate was settled, the boat was removed in July.

Nevertheless, the tool box was not claimed by the family and remained on the site that had been the boat’s previous drydock location.

Dambinskas said he and his staff were about to throw away the crate on Tuesday and decided to look inside it before they tossed it out.

He said he was “shocked like everyone else.”

The body, which was wrapped in plastic, was so decomposed the sex of the remains could not be determined.

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