Big Deal Supermarket helps give back to two local churches

Big Deal Supermarket helps give back to two local churches
Miguel Garcia, owner of Big Deal Supermarket on Morris Park Avenue.
Photo by Kirsten Sanchez

If you’re looking for something to give up for Lent this Easter season, how about a grocery receipt?

The chapters of the National Association of the Holy Name Society of St. Francis Xavier and St. Clare of Assisi have once again joined a Morris Park supermarket to raise money for the local parishes.

Miguel Garcia, owner of the Big Deal Supermarket at 1018 Morris Park Ave., is encouraging shoppers to spend a little extra money on groceries between now and March 31 – and remember to drop their sales receipts in a collection jar by the exit.

In 2010, Martin Dolgow of the Holy Name Society at St. Francis Xavier approached Big Deal owner Garcia to develop a plan to raise money that could benefit both parishes during these tough economic times.

Ultimately, the Big Deal Shop and Drop was created, a fundraiser that would result in Big Deal Supermarket making a generous donation to help the parishes make repairs to their churches, schools, rectories and convents, as well as aid other parish projects.

“To donate to the fund raiser, customers simply have to drop their receipt in a bucket by the exit of the store,” Garcia said. “A percentage of all sales tallied up from the receipts in the jar are then distributed evenly to each of the two churches we work with.”

Big Deal has run the fundraiser for the past four years, with last year’s fundraiser bringing in over $6,000.

“It was something we did to help the neighborhood churches when they were in need of construction,” Garcia said. “In this neighborhood, these Catholic churches are still highly attended and a staple in our community. We wanted to give back to them for their years of services.”

Garcia said he hopes to surpass the amount of money they raised last year.

“Normally every year we’ve raised more than the year before,” he said. “The more we sell, the more we donate. We’ve actually had people come in here and thank us for helping the churches.”

Rev. Matthew Furey, pastor of St. Francis Xavier Church and Rev. Richard Guarnieri, pastor of St. Clare of Assisi Church, said they were excited for the Lenten Fundraiser which in the past has been a success.

“It is a very nice thing Big Deal Supermarket does,” Furey said. “Our Holy Name Society initiated it with the owner and we’ve done it for the past couple of years. It is very generous of Big Deal to help the local parishes. It is a big help in the community. I know the owner is a dedicated Catholic as well, so it is a nice expression of his faith as well.”

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