Big Deal supermarket expands

Morris Park’s primary supermarket is showing appreciation to its customers with major renovations and an expansion.

Although its name and owners have changed over the years, the supermarket located at 1018 Morris Park Avenue has always been conveniently located for its residents. Miguel Garcia, who purchased Big Deal Supermarket around 2004, made it a priority to keep the store up-to-date.

Garcia began accepting customer feedback in 2009 to determine what they felt would enhance the supermarket. Now, after eight months, the renovations are complete and Garcia has officially opened Big Deal’s brand new space, providing shoppers a wider variety of food choices.

“We started leaving cards throughout the store for our customers to fill out so that we could determine what do to improve their neighborhood supermarket,” Garcia said. “A lot of our customers have been shopping at this location long before it was Big Deal, and most of them said changes were long overdue. It’s very important that we can provide our customers with a great place to shop.”

After the Ridgewood Savings Bank branch closed next door to the supermarket, Garcia wasted no time in purchasing the property for Big Deal’s expansion. It now includes an additional entrance into the supermarket and serves as the Big Deal’s full produce section filled with hundreds of fruits and vegetables.

The deli section, which used to be located by the main entrance, is now located in the new space and is nearly double its former size. Garcia said they have also installed a full kitchen to provide a wide variety of hot foods and has plans to install a full salad bar after the holidays.

The most notable changes inside Big Deal are the newly installed wood floors, new LED lighting fixtures, a wide selection of organic and glutton-free food, and wider aisles, which Garcia said was requested by the most customers.

“You have to spend money to provide your customers with the best possible supermarket,” said Garcia, who has already invested nearly $500,000 into Big Deal’s renovations. “Since the changes have been made, I have heard nothing but great reviews from our customers and that really means a lot to us.”

Garcia said the renovations are about 80 percent done. By early 2012, Big Deal will also boast new shelving, improved register areas, and a brand new logo to symbolize a new era for the supermarket.

“I knew from the beginning that it was going to take time and money, but it will all pay off with our customers’ satisfaction,” Garcia said.

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