Aviation Career Night At Bronx Muslim Center

(back, l-r) Southwest Airlines captain Adnan Algabyali; airline captain Bilal Alsaedi; Vaughn ground instructor Awadh Alwaely; aircraft engineer Wayel Ali; aircraft maintenance controller Ibrahim Elghazali; Department of Homeland Security Ahmed Hosin; air traffic controller Ehab Farhan Mahmoud; Dominic Proscia, Vaughn College vice president of training; Celso Alvares; Yahay Obeid, Bronx Muslim Center director of outreach; (front, l-r) Sheikh Hamud Al-Silwi and Sheikh Sultan Aljjahim of the Muslim American Society.
Photo by Laura Stone

The Muslim American Society hosted an Aviation Career Night at the Bronx Muslim Center on Friday, February 9. The high-flying business event featured a panel consisting of pilots, flight engineers, law enforcement officers and air traffic controllers. Guests were treated to networking opportunities with aviation professionals from local airports.

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