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Hello readers and welcome to another edition of Around Town!

Serving in the U.S. Navy

A native of the borough, John Averila, is serving in the U.S. Navy aboard Naval Airstation Jacksonville, FL.

The station the U.S. Navy’s newest maritime, patrol and reconnaissance aircraft.

As a U.S. Navy technician, he’s is responsible for radar and communications for the airplane.

Averila credits success in the U.S. Navy to many of the lessons learned when he was growing up in the Bronx.

Being raised in the Bronx taught me to respect other people because we are the same and respect whatever you do and whoever you are.

District Manger does good detective work

William Rivera, Community Board 9 district manager, recently helped cops arrest a man who was breaking into cars in Soundview.

Rivera noticed that the man was checking car doors, including his own, to see if they were unlocked.

The individual was followed by Rivera, who is an auxiliary police officer.

He removed items from a few cars before cops from the 43rd Precinct, with who Rivera was in contact, arrested the individual. Rivera’s good deeds for his community were tweeted on the 43rd Precinct’s Twitter account.

The commanding officer of the 43rd Precinct, Deputy Inspector Benjamin Gurley, had the following to state:

Car breaks have been occurring more frequently around the precinct. People are leaving valuables in unlocked cars and visible for perpetrators to see and steal. We need residents to aware and vigilant like William was to help us arrest and prosecute those responsible for these type of crimes.

Women’s Empowerment Day

The NYPD’s Patrol Borough Bronx will be holding a day of sports and activities so that NYPD female officers and girls from around the borough can get to interact with each other.

The Empowerment Day for women and girls will take place at the Kipps Bay Girls and Boys Club at 1930 Randall Avenue and is open to young women ages 12-years-old and 17-years-old.

Activities include rock wall climbing, volleyball, football, and softball, among others.

To register or for more information, call (718) 299-4503 or e-mail

Reach Reporter Patrick Rocchio at (718) 260-4597. E-mail him at Follow him on Twitter @patrickfrocchio.

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