Annual ‘Day of Giving’ held by Heineken USA

Kiril Traykov helps with the painting.
Photo courtesy of Eric Thayer

Heineken USA held their annual ‘Day of Giving’ at the Havemeyer Garden Association on Wednesday, May 20, For the annual event, Heineken USA joined forces with the leading NYC environment nonprofit, GrowNYC, as well as Bronx residents to build a new community garden. The Havemeyer Garden will create a clean and welcoming environment for neighbors to socialize, network and experience an enriched sense of community.

(l-r) Dolf van den Brink, Houston American Energy Corporation, Mike Rezny, GrowNYC, Dayna Adelman, HUSA, and Tara Pallisco, HUSA hold a $3,000 check donated by Heineken to help fund the garden.
Photo courtesy of Eric Thayer

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Employees from Heineken USA celebrate a hard day’s work after helping build the garden.
Photo courtesy of Eric Thayer

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