American Civic Institute starts new project

In an attempt to promote both education and civics, a newly formed non-profit group called the American Civic Institute is beginning an innovative new program tutoring children in elementary schools so they remain competitive in both English Language Arts and Reading.

Founders Sal Conforto and Al D’Angleo, fixtures in the Morris Park area for decades, promise it is the first of many projects the group will undertake. The newly formed 503c will use private donations, corporate grants, and government monies to fund tutoring programs for young children, English as a Second Language classes, Immigration and naturalization services and GED programs for those all over the Bronx.

D’Angelo is president of the Morris Park Community Association, while Conforto Is a retired law enforcement officer and businessmen, who went back to school and became an attorney after selling his printing business and raising four children in Morris Park.

“This organization was formed with the specific purposes of promoting and supporting civic and American pride by way of educating the community in terms of their civic duties and responsibilities,” Conforto said. “Our first effort will be tutoring young, elementary aged children under the supervision of a licensed teacher, hopefully in many different sites, but first at the Morris Park Community Center at 1824 Bronxdale Avenue.”

Conforto said that ever since he became a lawyer, a childhood dream he finally realized in middle age, he has earned a reputation as someone who cares about social issues and is conscious of what Morris Park and the community at large needs to succeed.

“I was extremely motivated to give back to the community that has been so good to me, so with my high school friend and neighbor, we decided to create a vehicle that serves for the betterment of the people and fosters civic pride,” Conforto said.

The tutoring program, which is expected to begin within two to three weeks, is designed for students below the junior high school grades who need extra help. High school seniors who are getting ready to go to college, work, or into the military will doing the tutoring of the young ones, under the supervision of a New York State licensed teacher.

“We realize that tutoring is very expensive, and we want to give students tutoring if they cannot afford it – everyone has a right to an education,” said A.C.I. co-founder Al D’Angelo.

“I have a lot of confidence in the ability, talents, and dedication of young, high-school aged people. Their desire is what is going to make this first step a successful one.”

For more information about the tutoring program, please contact (347) 289-1810.

American Civic Institute

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