AFC Rapid Soccer – Week 3 play

This week was an overall team effort as Al-Boro Security Inc. tied Dolphin Fitness 2-2. Outstanding defense led by goalie Kevin Kocovic, and leading scorer Nicholas Sacco tied the game with two goals in the second half.

The highlights for week three are as follows:

The killer bees from Frank’s sunk the pirate ships of Caribe Corp with a score of 4-0. The stingers were Nicole Soares and Nicholas Leone with two strong goals each. The offensive push came from worker bees Erika Janney, Nikki Lynn Spinola, Meghan McCormabe and Emma Meaney. The hive was protected by Carlo Fine, Gino Irizarry, Frankie Ramunno and Brianna Cicalo. Pitching a shutout was Eric Dimarco.

McDonald’s “grilled and French fried” Annunziata Inc, 3-0. Manning the grill with all three goals was Brandon Waldron. Assists were handed out by Enrique Concepcion, Berina Venziolli and Richard Rodriquez. Other offensive performers were Nikko Banas, Richard Palazulla and Elsa Lopez. Cleaning the counters were Brendan Canela, Joseph Falciano, Sophia Distefano, Stefano Santos and Declan Casey in the net.

Capital Shield played hide & seek with Peek-a-Boo Child Care, 5-3. Wielding the swords for Capital were Brendan Leone (3), Luke Cunaj (1) and Christina Santina (1). Great defense by Rebecca Cerini and goalie Justin Diubaldo. A total team effort!

Seal Tite Builders played Westchester-Bronx OB/GYN to a 0-0 tie. Birthday girls Briana Guadalupe and Heather Caputo with help from Meghan Netterille controlled the midfield for Seal Tite. Varinia Munoz and Cindy Virello “SEALED” the defense.

Schuyler Hill F.H. closed the doors at Barino Market, 3-1 The lone goal for Barino’s was scored by Joe Del Grosso. Other top performers were Nicole Necht, Rebecca Leibelli, Veronica Aquino, David Cerbone and Aidan Velez in net with 7 saves.

Vito’s Deli won a tough match over LD Management, 2-1. The Von Kesel brothers had a goal each for Vito’s. Manning the slicing machines were Conor Hanli Piri and Steven Martinez. Wiping down the counters were Anthony Russo, Brittney Peters and Blaise Narcisco.

The “sportsters” from Side Street “pulled out the rugs” at Silvestri Carpets, 5-1. Antonio Mancini scored all 5 goals with help from Jonathan Davis, Bobby Radovanovch, Joseph Alonso and Rubin Camaro. The “D” was held by Bjorn Linds, Tijan Diallo, Lawrence Marley and Isaya Bertrano.

The two parishes played and OLA was victorious over ST Benedict’s, 3-1. “O” was carried by Gabriel Sayers and Gabriel Martinez leading to goals by Dan Manz (2) and Mike Janny (1). Outstanding work by Mike Wicks and Kyle Zima holding back St Ben’s knights.

The body builders from Soma Health Club raised the bar versus Ann Clair Deli, 4-2. The reps were performed by Michael Hangan (2), Peter Wiehler (1) and Antonella Salvatico (1). Other standouts were Danielle Peters, Allyssa Schettino, Michelle Avila, Michael Powers and Brenden Mullins.

Another Gym scored a victory this weekend with Fusion Fitness defeating Milea Auto sales, 4-0. The trainers for Fusion were August Feliciano (2) and Arben Kukaj (2). All around offensive games were played by Rebecca D’Aloia, Joseph D’Imperio, Bobby Gilbert and Katie Tierney. Outstanding “D” from Christian D’Aloia, Anthony Longhitan and Tiffany Liparullo. Milea,s stellar performers were Brian Cassidy, Julia Haas, Gregory Pollack, Angelica Civette, James Albertelli and Nicholas Schraldi.

The Throggs Neck Clipper tried to sail away but Geronimo’s Deli anchored them to a 1-1 tie. The lone goal for Geronimo’s came from Nick D’Ancona with an assist from Harold Herrera. On the warpath on “D” were Michael Murphy and Jonathan Repetti. Top sailors were Gabriel Igabon (1), Patrick Tierney and Michael Enright.

The athletes from Edgewater “plugged the drains” at 3rd Ave Plumbing, 5-1. The Olympian with the most medals was Kyle Brandstetter 4 gold and a silver for an assist to Brian Kimmel (1). “O” supplied by Breanna Brown, Allyssa Hill, Brandon Cruz and Conner Ninavaggi. “D” from Caitlin Brown, Peter Chadwick, DJ Byrne, Amy Riker, Tommy Marley and Aiden Kimmel, keeper. The lone goal for 3rd Ave scored by Amber Caputo. Other strong showings from Briano Nocaj, JoMarie Benedetto and Frank Menonna.

Porco Accountind put the Grizzlies to sleep, in a tight one, 2-1. The goal scorers for Porco were Xavier Sanchez and Angelena Sanabria. Offensive standouts were Esteban Rivera, Julliana Ciaccia and Ruben Concepion. Stellar defenders were Arianna Villani, Johan Severin and JasonLociern. The lone goal for the Bears was scored by Hannah Rigoglioso. Other strong performances from Alyssa Alvarez, Nicholas Dallaris and Angela DiPietrantonio.

Two food serving emporiums played with Crosstown Diner defeating International Caterers, 4-2. The Diner staff was led by Nonis Nicodemis with 3 goals. The supporting staff was Alanna Martino, Michael Ianncitta, Angelisa Rosario, Jeremy Filomino and Victor DiPerro. For International Vincent Reith had both goals with support from Charly Casali, John Ojeda and Anthony Aromando.

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