Activest Vinny Taddeo Committed to Community

A beloved family man who dedicated his life to making his community better has passed away.

Hard-working carpenter, board member of Community Board 11 and the Chester Civic Improvement Association, and loving father and husband, are only a few nicities to describe the life of Vinny Taddeo, who died at the young age of 59 after suffering cardiac arrest on Wednesday, April 13.

Taddeo, who had been fighting off stints with leukemia for the last 15 years, had just retired and was ready to continue his work in the community, as well as spend time at home with his wife Marie and their two daughters Alexandra and Gianna.

“He was a valued member and was always concerned about community affairs,” said Chester Civic Improvement Association president Gene Tutora. “Unfortunately, he had come down with this horrible disease. The most amazing thing about him was that he never complained. It’s a big loss to the community, but most importantly his family.”

Taddeo had been receiving medication and treatment for his illness and also had a liver transplant six years ago after developing liver cancer. A large turnout of family and friends paid their respects as he was waked at John Dormi and Sons on Thursday, April 14 and Friday, April 15.

A funeral mass was held for Taddeo at St. Clare of Assisi Church On Saturday, April 16 and he was buried at St. Raymond’s Cemetery.

For over 10 years, Taddeo and longtime friend Joe Bombace sat next to each other at monthly CB 11 meetings and shared similar opinions on community issues.

“He was a prince of a guy, and there’s no other way to put it,” Bombace said. “He was one of very few people to be gifted with brains and brawn. He always made it known how much he loved his family and it was always family first. He was ill, but never showed it and always came to meetings to show his love for his community.”

Taddeo was a business representative for the Carpenters Local Union 608 and had recently retired from his duties. He and his wife Marie were married for 26 years and she feels he has made a strong impact on everyone in his life.

“Vinny was a man of the people and it was always wonderful that he continually wanted to help his community,” Marie Taddeo said. “He was just a man of excellent moral character. Even though he was sick he never showed it and always helped anyone in any way that he could. Just a wonderful husband and excellent father to our children.”

CB 11 will remember his life and hard work at the next board meeting on Thursday, April 28.

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