8-story apartment building coming to Pelham Bay

The planned site for an 8-story apartment building at 1616 Crosby Ave. in Pelham Bay.
Photo by Jason Cohen

Crosby Ave. in Pelham Bay is a quiet street with businesses and a few small homes. Yet, recently permits were filed for an 8-story apartment building right near the Crosby Pet Center.

The property, 1616 Crosby Ave., which is home to a 3-story residence, will soon be flipped into a 74-foot tall building with 31 apartments. It will have 26,797 sq. feet and 21, 433 sq. feet for residential space. There will be a cellar, but no parking.

Alfred Mitaj under First Structure LLC is the owner for the planned apartment building.

This out of character development does not have community members happy. Residents Annie Boller and Michele Torrioni are quite angry.

“These developments go through without any thought or consideration for the community and the effects it will have,” Torrioni said. “Our schools are already overcrowded, the impact overdevelopment has on the infrastructure in the community, our hospitals are already overcrowded and our residents are already underserved. We need to start demanding the developers contribute to help the communities they develop in to help sustain a good quality of life for their residents.

These types of developments do not bring any benefit to our community they just lead to overcrowded schools, hospitals and our public transportation.”

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