49th Precinct domestic violence officers stepping up

(l-r) Deputy Inspector Kevin Nicholson, Officer Jackie Pagan, and Office Charlie Cadiz are proud to help domestic violence victims around the 49th Precinct. Photo by Vito Signorile

With one of the best domestic violence departments in the entire city, the 49th Precinct has honored one of their own for her above par work over the last four months.

Officer Jackie Pagan, who worked as a patrol officer up until July, was named the 49th Precinct Cop of the Month in September for the number of arrests she had made since she was promoted to the 49th’s Domestic Violence Department in July.

On Tuesday, October 25, Pagan was honored at the 49th Precinct Community Council meeting at the Morris Park Community Association.

It was fitting that Pagan was awarded for her efforts during National Domestic Violence Awareness Month. She was humbled as she received her honor in front of other officers, members of the community and, her family.

“It’s wonderful to be honored just for doing what you love to do. It’s a great feeling being able to work in the domestic violence department,” Pagan said. “As a patrol officer, you just do you job and that’s it. As an officer in the domestic violence department, you really feel like you’re helping people who just need someone to talk to and I love being able to help.”

Pagan, who previously worked with the 44th Precinct, transferred to the 49th in July 2006. After working five years as a patrol officer, Pagan was promoted to the domestic violence department where she teamed up with officer Charlie Cadiz.

Since July, Pagan has made 22 arrests in domestic violence complaints.

“She has been great, an absolute pleasure to work with in this department,” Cadiz said. “She adjusted well immediately, she is a fast learner and is able to get along very well with all of the people that we deal with when we receive domestic violence complaints.”

According to Deputy Inspector Kevin Nicholson, he was notified that statistically, the 49th Precinct has recently emerged as the best in the entire city.

“Our Domestic Violence Department is the best, and I’m not just saying that because these are my officers,” Nicholson said. “Police Officer Pagan, in conjunction with the entire department, is doing a beyond exceptional job and I am proud to be able to have them on our team.”

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