49th Precinct officers make heartfelt donation

Ethan Nash receives his brand new PlayStation 2. Photo by Laura Stone

With Christmas right around the corner, officers of the 49th Precinct are making a heart-warming gift to a deserving young boy.

After responding to a burglary call on Tuesday, November 29, Officer Ray Queren and Sgt. Gerard Walker learned that a video game system had been stolen from a Pelham Gardens apartment.

Four-year-old Ethan Nash and his mother were not home when the apartment was broken into. The thief not only stole the PlayStation 2 gaming system, but also cash and other valuable items.

Heartbroken by the robbery, Queren and Walker quickly sprung into action.

“When we responded to the call, both of them were very upset. We told him (Ethan) that Christmas was almost here and that Santa Claus would bring him a knew PlayStation 2,” Queren said. “It was very hard for them to cope with what had just happened and we just felt terrible when she (the mother) called into the precinct crying hysterically. We knew we had to help somehow.”

When the two returned to the precinct, they told the other officers and all decided to raise the money to buy Nash a brand new PlayStation 2. Two weekslater, the officers had the money for the gift..

Queren’s son, a senior at Holy Trinity High School in Long Island, was also touched after his father told him about the robbery. He raised additional money at his school to help the young boy.

“We were not expecting to raise as much money as we did at all,” Queren said. “It was originally supposed to be $10 an officer, but more people found out and contributed. When you hear a story like this, your first reaction is to do whatever you can to help.”

On Saturday, December 10, Queren and Walker invited Nash and his mom to the 49th Precinct to meet Santa Claus, who gave the boy his brand new PlayStation 2 and his mom a Visa Gift Card that contained all of the remaining money that was raised.

“It’s just something about the holiday season that makes you want to give more to people,” Walker said. “This was just one of those situations that your heart went out to them because these robberies can be devastating. They were very grateful and the entire precinct was happy to contribute.”

The 49th Precinct has not apprehended any suspects involved in the break-in.

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