49th makes 5 burglary arrests

On June 10, at 7:38 p.m. police arrested Omar Camble, a 24-year-old black male, for trying to burglarize 2145 Matthews Avenue.

Tipped off by a witness, Officer Michael Gersch spotted Camble, who resides at 2057 Matthews Avenue, on a fire escape trying to flee the scene.

According to Greeley, Camble’s arrest was significant because he had been in trouble with the law before, having several prior arrests in 2003, 2004, and 2007.

In response to a radio run on Monday, June 22 around 9:15 p.m., officers of the 49th Precinct entered apartment 2F of 1663 Garfield Street. Inside the home, two perpetrators were found and charged with burglary.

Keith Anderson, of 1631 Melville Street, a 24-year-old black male, was also found in possession of a handgun at the time, and arrested for criminal possession of a weapon. With him was Tayquan Giles, a black male, 17 years old from 510 Van Nest Avenue.

Also arrested this month at 1663 Garfield Street were two underage individuals for burglary, by the anti-crime unit.

“Our guys are doing good. We have some history with burglaries and we stepped up enforcement and we are getting a lot of arrests over there,” said Captain John Greeley of the 49th Precinct. “The cops are really doing a great job.”

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