49 Precinct Community Council honors community leaders

The 49th Precinct Auxiliary officers were honored at the Community Council meeting on Tuesday, January 31, for their volunteer work in the community.
Photo by Kirsten Sanchez

They are the eyes and ears of the community, watching over each neighborhood in the Bronx, and on January 31, Patrol Volunteers, were honored during the 49th Precinct Community Council.

“Tonight we are here to honor people,” said Joseph Thompson, president of the 49th Precinct Council. “And there is nothing I love better than to honor people.”

Community group leaders were present from Allerton and Pelham Parkway patrol, The Allerton Homeowners and Tenants patrol, Morris Park Community Association patrol, Northeast Bronx patrol and the Van Nest Association patrol, as well as the 49th Precinct auxillary officers and 49th Precinct Explorers.

Guest speaker, District Attorney Robert Johnson, said he loves the precinct area because of the wonderful turn out of people who attend meetings each month.

“Community Volunteers get the job done,” Johnson said. “They watch what goes on and they know to call the patrol officers. They are our eyes and ears, and volunteers makes our jobs easier. My hat goes off to you, because you don’t do it because you have to; you do it because you love this community.”

Morris Park Community Association president Al D’Angelo said the award given to the association meant a lot to the volunteers.

“We have been patrolling for 40 years, and this is the first time the volunteers have been recognized,” D’Angelo said. “We have about 28 active patrol members, that do this every day, and I think it meant a lot to them to be recognized. They do it for nothing, as volunteers, but every now and then even as a volunteer it’s nice to be recognized. It meant a lot to them and it meant a lot to the community.”

Zena Twyman, president of the Van Nest Community Association, said they are very proud to have received such an award.

“I think it meant that we are appreciated for the volunteer work that we have done over the many years,” Twyman said. “I’ve been doing it since 1980 and a lot of people have been here for quite a few years as well. It shows the community that we are around.”

Twyman said the association currently has about 75 members.

“We are all very proud of course, because we don’t get paid for what we do,” Twyman said. “We do it because we want to. It means we’re recognized.”

Twyman said she plans to proudly display the award in the front window of the association’s store front on Morris Park Avenue, to show the community that they were recognized for the good work they have done.

“We’re keeping our eye on the community,” Twyman said. “In and around the community.”

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