46th Precinct deputy inspector steps down amid recent police reform

Deputy Inspector Richard Brea of the 46th Precinct decided to retire after nearly 30 years
Courtesy of NYPD

On Friday, Deputy Inspector Richard Brea of the 46th Precinct decided after nearly 30 years it was time to hang up his spurs.

According to the NY Post, the commander is retiring “to protest the department’s handling of police reform and anti-brutality protests.” Brea was a cop for 27 years.

While the NYPD did not comment as to why he is leaving the force, the Post stated “he put in his papers because his bosses are not giving him enough guidance on how to get guns and drugs off the street now that the department has disbanded and reassigned its anti-crime unit. Brea was also angry about the looting, lack of guidance on fireworks enforcement and the last straw was the disbandment of the plainclothes anti-crime unit.”

Sergeant Jonathan Blatt of the 46th spoke highly of Brea.

“He was a down to earth guy,” Blatt said to the Bronx Times. “He was a great leader. He showed a lot of respect to everyone he worked with. People wanted to be like him. He was someone to look up to.”

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