Are you a health care worker in the Bronx / NYC area? Tell us what you’re seeing.

Photo courtesy of Reuters

As the coronavirus epidemic rages on across New York City, we want to hear from the health care workers on the front lives battling to save lives.

Our reporters want to speak about what they’ve witnessed in emergency rooms, medical centers, nursing homes and other facilities where lives hang in the balance every day. We want to tell their stories to show New York City their courage but also the severity of the conditions they work in — and the situation they face.

We welcome submissions at any time from active New York City physicians, nurses, lab technicians and other health care workers who are helping to treat patients.

Click here to submit your information to us, and a reporter may contact you soon. Your information will be held confidentially; your name will be used only with your express permission, or withheld upon request.

By submitting, you understand that the content must not be false, defamatory, misleading or hateful, or infringe any copyright or any other third party rights or otherwise be unlawful.

We will use the contact details that you provide to verify your identity and answers to the questionnaire, as well as to contact you for further information on this story. If we publish your content, we may include your name and location.

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