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ITEM: Something special is coming to City Island on January 30. I’m talking about the amazing, uncompromising duo called Two Guitars. They will be performing at The Starving Artist Gallery on Saturday, January 30, at 8 p.m.. Two Guitars is Brian Conigliaro and Gus Wieland. Some of you may remember when Gus worked at Schuylerville Music back in the day. Two Guitars collectively comes with great versatile playing backgrounds, including stints with: The Turtles, The Tokens, Al Wilson, Lou Rawls, Chubby Checker, Leslie Gore, Bobby Day, Ray Charles, Eubie Blake, Snoop Dogg as well as jazz artist Jerry Mulligan, Jackie Paris, Sue Raney, Dizzie Gillespie and many more. The group plays exotic acoustic arrangements of well known songs plus obscure nuggets and originals. The duo play all over the tri state and it’s not often that they stop in our neck of the woods so please feel free to check them out at The Starving Artist Gallery on Jan 30th 8pm. The Starving Artist, an extremely friendly, welcoming place, is one of a small handful of venues in the Bronx that caters to eclectic live music. It is located at 249 City Island Avenue.

ITEM: Alternative cellist Elizabeth Glushko also at Starving Artist on Sunday, January 17.

ITEM: Bronx Underground News: Bronx indie pop band The Life I Lead has a new EP out titled “Me Against You.” CD release show at FLC January 8th. Bronx/Manhattan screamo/pop punk outfit Five Cases of a Tragedy will release a self titled EP on January 23 at Bronx Underground’s January 23 show at The Point. The show features My Arcadia, The Years Gone By, I Your Liege and Desolate.

ITEM: Really?? Now we have a ban on smoking in the carriage horses that take people around Manhattan?? Is this the first outdoor smoking ban? When will the state stop pushing around the individual? Show me the fetid mountain of dead horses from second hand smoke. Does it exist or has junk science taken over common sense? So let’s be clear about this: if you’re in the back of a carriage, and the horse is pulling you West to East isn’t the person in the carriage BEHIND THE HORSE??? Isn’t the smoke from a cigar or cigarette being naturally pushed away from the horse because he’s pulling you and you’re behind him? So lets break this new crime down: a carriage occupant puffs a cigarette, the smoke filters thru the riders lungs, the rider blows it out against the wind created by the horse pulling in front of him, all of this happening in the great outdoors mind you, after all this the state contends the second hand smoke will somehow potently find its way back up, against the wind, into the horses nostrils?? This defies logic and gravity. Apparently it’s okay to have the poor horse breathing in bus, taxi and truck fumes all day. What has happened to common sense in this country? When will lawmakers and people in power stop insidiously harassing the increasingly powerless public with its endless litany of politically correct, politically motivated new laws? Rock on. Rock out.

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