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One-eyed cat teaches lesson of acceptance

From the streets to stardom, a local cat proves the importance of acceptance in a recent children’s book.

Co-op City resident Saul Weber, author of “A Lesson My Cat Taught Me” never thought his one-eyed stray, found in a local parking garage, would inspire him to write a children’s book, however, he was presently surprised.

Uno, named for his unique condition, is a living representation of the importance of acceptance – the book’s main lesson, one ripped directly from Weber’s own reality. 

The story’s protagonist, Jennifer, rescues a one-eye orphaned kitty, also named Uno, only to see her advance past the abilities of her older and fully functioning cat Mr. Tickles.

Jennifer quickly learned that though Uno is different from Mr. Tickles, she is no less of a cat.

The new lesson of acceptance helped Jennifer when Hillary, a new student in a wheelchair, begins school.

Taking what she learned from Uno, Jennifer is able to easily see past Hillary’s disability and recognize her for her talents and loving personality.

The scenario holds a direct relation to what Weber said he experiences on a daily basis. 

“This one will stand up and beg for it,” he explained about his Uno’s ability to recognize a treat in his closed fist, as his other cat Dr. Seuss, aka Mr. Tickles, stands idly nearby. “Uno’s definitely smarter,” he said about the calico kitty that consistently proves her inner strength.

Emerging from these daily exercises “A Lesson My Cat Taught Me” is a book Weber said everyone could relate to.

“It does teach the lesson on a really easy level for all age groups to enjoy,” he explained.

Never expecting to dab into the medium of children’s literature, Weber, a former Riverbay Board director, found the genera through an outside influence.

“My wife got tired of me writing paranormal romances,” he said. “So I said let me see if I can write something else.”

With her push and Uno’s inspiring abilities, “A Lesson My Cat Taught Me” was born.

While Weber fished writing the 34 page children’s fiction in 2005, it took him an additional year to find a publisher. Light Sword Publishing released the book in November 2007, and Weber has been pushing it to the public ever since, in what he hopes is just the start of his new literary career. 

Though Weber is currently employed at the New York City Health and Hospital Corporation as a supervising systems analyst, he said he plans on continuing to write children’s books in hopes of becoming an accomplished author. He is currently completing two other children’s books manuscripts.

“A Lesson My Cat Taught Me” is available online at and

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