Free eye exams and glasses provided to Bronx kids

On July 15-17, OneSight, a leading global vision care nonprofit, teamed up with partners Fresh Air Fund and KIPP Schools NYC to provide free eye exams and glasses to 267 kids and adults in the Bronx. Out of the patients seen, 91% needed glasses.

The three-day charitable clinic, supported by a grant from The New York Community Trust, addressed unresolved vision care needs for those in the Bronx who may otherwise lack access to eye exams and glasses. Most participants in need of glasses received their newly prescribed eyewear on-site.

“It was a privilege to connect families throughout the Bronx with a critical medical resource – vision care,” said K-T Overbey, president and executive director, OneSight. “Eye exams and glasses can be life changing, yet they are out of reach to many who lack access. We were proud to partner with the Fresh Air Fund, KIPP Schools NYC and dedicated doctors and volunteers who helped us bring this service to the community.”

According to a study by OneSight and Deloitte, there are more than 1 billion people globally who need glasses, but don’t have access to get them. Studies show that clear sight can dramatically impact learning, job performance and earning potential. Clear sight can help students learn up to twice as much in school and can help increase a worker’s productivity by 35% and enable them to earn 20% more.