Yankees unveil new additions to the stadium menu

Yankees unveil new additions to the stadium menu|Yankees unveil new additions to the stadium menu|Yankees unveil new additions to the stadium menu
A Tres Leches Shake with a crispy chicken sandwich.
Photo by Curtis Heath

While the New York Yankees are heating up in Florida, Yankee Stadium was doing some cooking of its own, unveiling a new food and beverage menu for the 2019 season on a gorgeous Wednesday, March 20.

Just like the Bombers roster, the stadium’s 2019 menu will be returning plenty of Yankee favorites like the Pinstripe Pilsner Beer while bringing in some new acquisitions as well.

Some of those new menu items called up to the big leagues are: the crispy maple chicken sandwich; and the melted, white cheddar cheese beneath a chicken (so crispy that it cracks more than the bat of Aaron Judge) will surely make the new item an immediate fan favorite sold around the ballpark.

Additionally, Bareburger’s vegan ‘Impossible Burger’ will make a Bronx debut come the regular season.

Baseball jargon will christen the meatless burger as the ‘The Changeup’ and it will be sold at the section 132 food court.

Yankee Stadium head executive chef Matt Gibson, a self-proclaimed meat lover, offered nothing but praise for the burger enigma, stating, “it really does pack a punch.”

Pinstripe Pils.
Photo by Curtis Heath

Previously, he helped design a food line for the stadium’s Kings Hawaiian station during the 2018 regular season.

Traces of that sweet n’ spicy Pacific zing are also in the Buffalo Wild Wings ‘Asian Zing’ sauce, which will come to Yankee Stadium for the first time as well.

Other notables on the new menu are the mozzarella sticks from Chelsea Market’s Big Mozz, the burrata burger from City Winery, and of course..the newest dessert that will sweep over 1 E. 161st Street, the Tres Leches milkshake.

This one is simply out of the park, the vanilla ice cream and condensed milk make the churro and mini Tres Leches cake taste even sweeter in this new concoction that’s as exciting as the Giancarlo Stanton trade.

To taste these and many more of the new stadium items, swing by the hallowed grounds during a home game.

We’re sure its doors will be open through the end of October.

New York Yankees senior executive chef Matt Gibson.
Photo by Curtis Heath

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