Yankee Stadium Memory

A personal letter from George Steinbrenner to Donna Dunn

I do have many wonderful memories of games at Yankee Stadium. My greatest memory is meeting George Steinbrenner at Aqueduct Racetrack and receiving a personal letter from him. I was selling ice cream at the racetrack when Mr. Steinbrenner came for his usual, he loved chocolate milk shakes. Mr. Steinbrenner, after that, was most generous and gave me tickets to a Cleveland/Yankee game. We sat in box seats, right where Mayor Giuliani sat. It was the game right after David Wells pitched a no-hitter and at this game I attended, another no-hitter was being pitched for the first six innings. What a game!

I am so grateful to have met Mr. Steinbrenner. He is a wonderful, kind and giving man. I will forever treasure the personal letter and the memories of meeting ‘’the boss’’ and the games I attended, thanks to his wonderful generosity.

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