Work to begin soon on Locust Point toddler playground

A new toddler playground is coming soon to the Locust Point Civic Association’s clubhouse grounds.

The Locust Point Civic Association is working with the city in designing a playground outside of its clubhouse at 3330 Tierney Place. Work on the project is expected to begin in the late spring or early summer. In addition, the LPCA is applying for a grant from the New York Dormitory Authority that would allow it to make green enhancements to the clubhouse that it leases from the city to give the playground a “nature” feel to it.

The LPCA is working with the Department of Design and Construction on the playground project, which was made possible through a grant from Councilman Jimmy Vacca’s office.

“A lot of residents in Locust Point came to me saying that they would like something for e children and toddlers,” Vacca said. “I realized the land next to the clubhouse was city-owned, and I was able to allocate funds. The residents of Locust Point are very enthusiastic about the toddler and early childhood park.

“Last year I was able to allocate money for a greenstreet, which has been completed outside of Locust Point. This year I have been able to fund the new park. Locust Point does not get city money, but is a hard-working, taxpaying community. I think this is good because it gives Locust Point taxpayers a return on their investment.”

Chrys Napolitano, vice-president of the LPCA, said that she remembers growing up in community in the 1950s and how important the clubhouse and beach were to families. She hopes future generations can have a similar experience. The plan calls for the installation of a coastal water preservation garden, with plants indigenous to the area’s waterfront, including native grasses and shrubs, as well as a new fence, Napolitano said.

“The playground should have a really great spray shower that will help the children keep cool, which is very important since we cannot use our beach. There are a lot of bright colors in the design. It is shaped like a large ship and is built from environmentally-friendly materials,”

DDC spokesman Craig Chin confirmed that the playground project is expected to begin in late spring or early summer and last about six months. The playground will have green features, including an asphalt area replaced with a plant material surface to better absorb rain water, benches made from recycled materials, a spray shower that has a timed activator to conserve water, a children’s vegetable garden and a multi-purpose outdoor activity center that can be used for children’s programs. There will also be yoga and other exercise classes, as well as a concert stage.

“DDC has developed a master plan for the site with green elements incorporated into the design which focuses on creating a more accessible and usable open space.” Chin stated.“By shuffling and redesigning the areas that surround the LPCA building, we have provided for new play structures as well as additional site amenities and plant material to create a softer, safer and more inviting landscape for the community.

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