Woodway technology improves patients’ balance at Triboro

Patients at Triboro Center on Teller Avenue have just been introduced to two brand new state-of-the-art balancing systems located in the rehabilitation suite at the facility.

The new ‘standing’ TecnoBody Prokin 212 by Woodway, according to their website, “offers a balancing system that offers up to 20 different selectable levels of instability, plus software fully equipped with a number of assessments, training modules, games and activities, is very intuitive and easy to use. The technology enables the operator to see the proprioceptive conditions of each user’s motor and sensory skills”.

The new ‘sitting’ TecnoBody Trunk-Easy offers what the standing system has but made for patients who need to sit and balance before they graduate to the standing machine.

One of the patients at Triboro Center who is making the most out of the standing Woodway system is 52-year-old resident and computer expert and Bronx native Michael Agard who is married with two adult children.

In April of 2019, Michael had an amputation at New York Presbyterian Hospital on his left leg below the knee due to complications from diabetes.

Following the surgery, Michael came to the Teller Avenue facility for prosthetic training and when the Woodway system became available, therapists were able to have Michael go straight to the standing machine to fine-tune and enhance his balancing. As a hardware computer expert, Michael is always up and down on his feet, so the rehab is key if he wants to back to his trade in the future.

“Machines like the TecnoBody are great because they help people through the various stages of rehabilitation,” said Agard.

Norma DeCandido, 85-years-old, has been living in Washington Heights for over 60 years but worked in academia teaching political science at City University and at Borough of Manhattan Community College in Manhattan.

Norma has a history of falling. She fell once in September of 2018 while she was visiting relatives in New Jersey and again in April of 2019, after she had a brain seizure, breaking bones in her vertebrae in her lower back. After her recovery at New York Presbyterian, she was brought to Triboro Center for rehabilitation on the Woodway balancing units to help improve her balance. All in all, Norma is strengthening her legs and balance by using both the Woodway sitting TecnoBody Trunk Easy, as well as the standing TecnoBody Prokin 212. She is planning to go home after some home arrangements are finalized.

“The Woodway products are all about balancing because you can either sit or stand depending on the machine,” said Kiran Pillay, DPT, MSPT, director of Rehabilitation at Triboro Center. “A great thing about Woodway is that it has a major advantage where the patient is trained while they are on the balancing platform. In addition to physical, there is also a psychological advantage where the patient sees the progress they are making right in front of them on the screen, so patient satisfaction plays an enormous part in this therapy.”

The Woodway system is also available at Centers Health Care Allerton Avenue location, Beth Abraham Center.

[PHOTO 1: With a Prosthetic on His Lower Left Leg, Triboro Center Resident Michael Agard Doing Very Well at the “Standing” Woodway TecnoBody]

[PHOTO 2: Norma DeCandido Sharpening Her Balance While Using the “Sitting” TecnoBody Trunk Easy by Woodway]

[PHOTO 3: Triboro Center Resident Norma DeCandido Does the Standing TecnoBody]

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