Williamsbridge Center has fun trying to bring back memories for its residents

Memories Marilyn Michael J
Two staff members of the Williamsbridge Center dressed up like Marilyn Monroe and Janet Jackson.
Courtesy Williamsbridge Center

For the seniors at Williamsbridge Center, the nursing and rehabilitation facility on Tomlinson Avenue, the Recreation Department led by Director Monique Sampson did something on Aug. 26 that was aimed at bringing back memories to the residents.

Two staff personnel from activities dressed up like Marilyn Monroe and Janet Jackson in her “Poetic Justice” t-shirt, where they roamed the facility doing their walks and even singing a tune like Monroe’s “Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend” and Jackson’s “Rhythm Nation.”

“Our residents love to be entertained and little do they know, doing something fun like this is actually helping them,” Sampson said. “I am hoping to do more programs like this because when you get smiles and also satisfy something psychologically, it’s definitely a win-win.”

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