Who’s Next for Walk of Fame

Who’s Next for Walk of Fame
Courtesy of Ruben Germosen

One Bronxite is taking his devotion to his favorite artist to the next level.

Seventeen-year-old superfan Ruben Germosen of Fordham, is working tirelessly to get his idol, singer-songwriter ‘Prince Royce’ inducted into the Bronx Walk of Fame.

The Bronx is the only borough to have a walk of fame.

Today, 90 Bronxites who have made it big grace the walk, including Rita Moreno, Fat Joe, Regis Philbin and Tony Orlando.

Young Germosen sees Royce, a Bronx born-and-bred self-made star as the perfect addition.

Geoffrey Royce Rojas, now known as ‘Prince Royce’, has topped the US Billboard Latin Albums and Tropical Albums charts.

Royce Rojas also received three awards at the Billboard Latin Music Awards in 2011, and is currently signed with Sony Music Entertainment.

The Dominican, Spanish-speaking crooner, recently told his story and gave some words of wisdom to kids who are in the same position he was in as a kid, at the Urban Assembly Bronx Academy of Letters on Morris Avenue in Grand Concourse.

“He always comes back to the Bronx, he loves his borough,” said Germosen with tangible excitement, “He comes to the Bronx for his albums, he comes back and gives advice… we [fans] need to find a way to help him get this award and show him we appreciate it.”

Ruben has written letters to Borough President Ruben Diaz, Jr. and has assembled social media accounts to gain momentum for the Walk of Fame movement.

He has also started a petition in support of Royce.

“He reps the Bronx and really cares about his people,” said Germoson, recalling that the last time Royce was in the Bronx to visit his family, he took the bus and train to get around, rather than take a car like most celebrities.

In contrast with many other Bronx-bred celebrities, like J.Lo, who got out of the Bronx as soon as she gained fame, the singer continues to stay true to his roots.

Royce may get his humble ways from his mother, who hasn’t changed her lifestyle due to her son’s success.

She still lives in the Bronx and owns a west Harlem beauty salon, where she intends to keep working.

For now, young Geoffrey awaits this year’s Bronx Walk of Fame nomination list, keeping his fingers crossed for his role model.