What woman should know about breast cancer awareness

Did You Know?

• Breast cancer will affect nearly 1 in 8 women.

• Roughly 200,000 women in the US are diagnosed with breast cancer each year.

• About 40,000 women die each year of breast cancer.

• Breast cancer is the second greatest cause of cancer related deaths among women.

Many women have identifiable risk factors for the development of breast cancer. However, breast cancer frequently develops in women who do not have clear identifiable cancer risk factors.

Diagnosing a cancer in its early stage is often the most important predictor for over all outcome and cure rate. Increased screening, leading to early detection, raises the chances of successful recovery with treatment. In fact, there is more scientific evidence supporting the use of screening tests for breast cancer than for any other type of cancer. Cancer screening refers to the use of specific tests to detect cancer while it is still in its early stages.

Three Ways to Screen for Breast Cancer:

1. Mammography

2. Clinical breast examination

3. Breast self-examination

A mammogram is a breast X-ray. It is the best screening test for reducing the risk of dying from breast cancer.

Only you and your physician can determine the right time for you to begin your screening program. A qualified physician can perform a clinical breast exam for you, and teach you the proper techniques for breast self-examination. Make an appointment today!

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