Westchester Square Physical Therapy unveils new facility

The Westchester Square Physical Therapy facility’s central room featuring state of the art equipment for patients and full wall windows to a serene atmosphere. Photo by Amanda Marinaccio

The Westchester Square Physical Therapy facility has once again given back to the community and those who have contributed to its existence by hold a celebratory open house.

On Friday, September 26, the Westchester Physical Therapy Office invited persons such as referring doctors, local businesspersons, and associates throughout the state, vendors, and many more to celebrate their success.

“Many of the physicians here are our referring doctors, this gives them the opportunity to see where they are sending their patients,” said employee of over two years Dionne Letts.

This facility boasts a unique physical therapy program, aquatic therapy room, anodyne therapy, sports medicine and treatment, and a wellness program that may include classes such as yoga, pilates, self-defense, senior-robics, dynamic abs/hip-hop, and cardio kwondo.

“Its beautiful, this is really state of the art. I would recommend any of my patients to come here, “ said Doctor Marc Prager, of University Diagnostic Medical Imagining, who came to inspect the facility for himself. “Convenient, spacious, non-hospital like, user friendly, it is more like a gym. It will encourage people to come here and improve their health.”

The facility profoundly stresses patient’s comfort and privacy, while maintaining a secure and safe environment for patients to heal. In addition, the serene atmosphere takes advantage of natural lighting, adding to the idea of a calm open facility, with its full wall windows

“We are very proud to offer people here. Our therapists like to world in world-class facilities. The level of professionalism and equipment always impresses them. They get a great experience here,” said John Assadi, Director of Interfysio Staffing Company, which represents physical therapists in the New York area.

Joining in the celebration was the occupational therapy group included in the WSPT facility. Keeping with the WSPT theme, the occupational facility features a sensory gym that goes beyond what is commonly found throughout the Bronx, helping to treat children with sensory processing disorders, such as autism. A fine motor room is another unique area, with an entire blackboard wall that is magnetic, used for treatment exercises. This facility also offers hand therapy for adults.

“We decided to invite our professional network and entrepreneurs. This field will continue to grow and we can help one another,” stated Allan Torres, director of operations at WSPT. “We are very excited about this event and that our outside network has come to visit and share this with us.”

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