Westchester Square Merchants Install Banners

The long-awaited banners for around the Westchester Square shopping and business district were installed just in time for the third annual Fair in the Square.

Since 2008, banners have been displayed throughout Westchester Square that identify the district’s boundaries. Routine wear and tear took its toll on the original group of flags.

In January, officials of the Westchester Square Merchants Association asked local business owners if they would like to sponsor replacement banners.

Each new banner, including the initial maintenance and repairs, were approximately $300 each, but businesses could purchase the banners in sets of five for $1,500.

Funding for the new banners was made possible through the sponsorship of eight of the district’s businesses, including Metro Optics Eyeware, Pisicano Eye Surgery, Apple Bank for Savings, Crown Trophy, Bronxwood Homecare Services, The Loft Chiropractic, McDermott’s Pub and The Bronx Council on the Arts.

On Sunday, May 1, the 50 new banners were installed on telephone poles and street lights to prepare the district for the Fair in the Square on Saturday, May 14.

“I am very pleased to say that we were able to have the banners ready for our third annual fair,” said Joe Regina of the WSMA.

Beautifully decorated, the banners are now colored red, white and blue, and display the WSMA logo along with “Welcome to Westchester Square Business District” in large letters on each. The bottom of each banner also shows the name and logo of the business that sponsored its purchase.

The banners, which outline the Westchester Square shopping area, can be seen along Williamsbridge Road, from Westchester to St. Raymond avenues, and all along Lane Avenue.

“You can’t miss them,” Regina said. “They identify the business district and the sponsors, so that’ll show the community members who’s investing in the area.”

Westchester Square is preparing for what they’re calling their biggest Fair at the Square ever. It will feature over 15 music performances, games, food, carnival rides and other stands set-up by the businesses of the district.

Around the time of the fair, the WSMA is also expecting to hear back from the Department of City Planning on its proposal for a business improvement district, which was approved by community boards 10 and 11.

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